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The only state sturgeon farm in Ukraine is completely flooded

The biggest sturgeon governmental plant, the place with the biggest pure genetic sturgeons broodstock, is destroyed.

The terrorist destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP dam continues to cause significant damage to the fishing industry of Ukraine.

The only state sturgeon farm in Ukraine “Production-experimental Dnipro Sturgeon Fish Breeding Plant named after Academician S.T. Artyushchyka”, which is located in the village Dniprovske of Bilozer district of Kherson region, is currently flooded.

The state sturgeon farm has been operating since 1984 and compensated for the reproduction of sturgeon fish species in Ukraine, which lost the possibility of natural reproduction due to the regulation of the Dnieper by a cascade of reservoirs.

The plant provided annual quantity of more than 1.5 million units of young sturgeon fish species to the water bodies of Ukraine.

In total, about 65 million of juveniles were released into the reservoirs of Ukraine during the plant’s operation of different sturgeon species (Russian sturgeon, sevruga, sterlet, beluga).

The flooding of the factory is currently a direct threat to the further reproduction of sturgeon fish populations in Ukraine and may lead to the disappearance of these relict fish species altogether in the water bodies of Ukraine.

Considering the special protection status of sturgeon fish species, the destruction of the sturgeon farm can be regarded as a terrorist act of the aggressor, which will have extremely negative consequences for the ecological status of Ukraine and the countries of the Black Sea Basin.

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