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Sturgeons aquaculture

The demand for aquaculture products is globally increasing and has already exceeded supplies due to (a) the growth of the human population, (b) the globalization of markets reaching any area where a part of the populations enjoys a higher income that supports a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, globalization of markets has led to a rapidly increasing demand for high-prized and luxury commodities along trading routes historically not utilized.

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WSCS suggests research

Sturgeon products, in particular caviar, are no exceptions. One way of compensating the pressure on the over-exploited sturgeon resources is to cultivate the species with due involvement of the local fisheries practitioners who is in need of alternative livelihood to circumvent poaching.

WSCS suggests research to facilitate an safe and environmental friendly aquaculture development for market production

Develop/enhance technology and procedures for sturgeon aquaculture

Develop guidelines and manuals for brood stock handling, hatchery operation and grow-out facilities

Improve our understanding of the nutritional requirements for - achieving multiple-spawning of brood stocks - larval and juvenile rearing and - grow-out to market size

Invest with industry participation in the development of cost-effective feed formulations to meet nutritional needs identified under 3

Develop BATs and BEPs for commercial production facilities to minimize operational risks

Enhance methodologies for effective diagnostics on sturgeon diseases and promote the development of appropriate prophylactic measures to prevent disease outbreaks and transmission

Improve quality control and monitoring methodologies for sturgeon products in line with international food safety measures and standards (e.g HACCP = Hazard Analytical Control Points)