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WSCS Election Results for the 2023-2027 Term

As announced during the General Assembly in December 2022, the election for the WSCS Board of Directors was carried out through a Survey Monkey ballot system until February 8, 2023. During the election process, we witnessed some challenges in accessing the email ballot distributed in some geographic regions. Survey Monkey directly identified email addresses where ballots were not received, and the current Board of Directors worked with regional representatives to provide directions for mitigating access to the ballot when it was blocked by the recipient’s server ensuring that every member was able to vote once.

We would like to thank the WSCS members for their interest and commitment to participate in the election of the Board of Directors for the 2023-2027 term, which resulted in participation of over 70% of the eligible members. With this support, the official result sees the reelection of Paolo Bronzi as President, Jörn Gessner as Vice President, Thomas Friedrich as Treasurer, Molly Webb as Secretary General, and Wei Qiwei, Leonardo Congiu and Mikhail Chebanov as members at large. James Crossman and Mohammad Pourkazemi are invited as permanent regional representatives to the Board of Directors meetings.

We look forward to serving on the WSCS Board of Directors for the upcoming 4 years to help develop outreach and involvement of the regions to improve the protection and recovery of sturgeon populations globally. This will only be possible if members locally and regionally support projects, meetings, and joint activities. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact your regional representatives of the Board of Directors.