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Two updated Management Plans for the Danube River Basin

Two updated Management Plans for the Danube River Basin have been endorsed in the ICPDR’s first online Danube Ministerial Meeting, to which the Danube Sturgeon Task Force was invited as observer.
The Management Plans set out measures for the coming six years to ensure cleaner, healthier and safer waters for everyone to enjoy. The River Basin Management Plan includes several measures for the conservation of sturgeon and the ministerial declaration includes a dedicated commitment of the ministers to…

(27) express full support for the ICPDR Sturgeon Strategy (2017) for the Danube flagship species and for the cooperation with the Danube Sturgeon Task Force, with a view to contribute to the implementation of the Pan-European Action Plan for Sturgeons, welcome the progress made in the assessment of possibilities for opening fish migration routes at the Iron Gate dams, emphasize the need for ensuring the necessary financial resources for the implementation of technically and economically feasible solutions and see the need to discuss sturgeon migratory routes and habitats upstream of Iron Gates as soon as passability of Iron Gates will be foreseeable.”