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The Kherson Experimental Sturgeon Farm “Dnipro” in Ukraine: a disaster for sturgeons

WSCS has reported previously about the difficult situation of the Kherson Experimental Sturgeon Farm “Dnipro” in Ukraine which has recently suffered additional, very serious damage from the flooding caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka dam.

We have now received a letter from the director of the plant through NACEE explaining the situation which appears to be even worse than previously imagined. Paolo Bronzi, WSCS president, who visited the plant summarizes: “ The plant, which I had the opportunity to visit in 2016 during a conference organized by NACEE, was an excellent station for the conservation of sturgeons and for the production of juveniles for release. I assure you that it is heartbreaking to see how it is now and to think of all that has been lost in broodstock, equipment and infrastructure. Everything can be rebuilt, but the animals and the biodiversity they represented have certainly been lost and we don’t know if it will be possible to recover. Huge damage, not only for Ukraine but for the entire Black Sea and Sea of Azov is associated with this impact.”

In order to help to overcome the current disastrous situation, WSCS herewith is announcing the need for the restoration of this center, forwarding the request by the farm manager, asking those members that are inclined to do so to be ready to provide concrete help as soon as the situation has stabilized and it will be possible to think of a peaceful reconstruction. It is in this spirit that we forward this information to all members and newsletter subscribers.

Any proposal for support will be welcome and can be communicated to NACEE secretariat (

letter of the plant director

aerial video