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Specialist meeting on national sturgeon farming in Iran

A two days meeting of all sturgeon farmers was organised by Faradaneh Aquatic Animals Feed Producer (Faradaneh Group) in collaboration with Iranian Fisheries Organization, on 17-18 October 2022 in Bandar-Anzali, Guilan Province, Iran.

More than 250 participants were attending this meeting.  Deputy Minister and Director of Iranian Fisheries (Mr. Hosseini) as well as several local government authority attended the opening ceremony and outlined the importance of caviar as a national prestige and also concerning Iran next 10 year plans for extension of sturgeon aquaculture. There were then four specialized sessions which highlighted the main challenges and issues related to Best Aquaculture Practice on Management in different farming systems and geographical areas: 

–       Sturgeon Brood stocks management, Genetics and Physiology

–       Sturgeon disease and hygienic criteria for sturgeon culture

–       Feed and farm managements

–       Caviar, processing, export and regulation

More than fourteen speakers presented interested topics and each session was followed by a round table discussion, and a question and answer session.  Prof. Mikhail Chebanov from Russia was invited speakers and many members of WSCS attended this meeting.

At the end of the meeting a statement was released, which stressed the importance of sturgeon farming based on scientific finding and sharing up to date knowledge for supplying meat and caviar demand at national and international markets. It has also been required to have such informative conference at one year intervals.

Mohammad Pourkazemi

(WSCS- the South Caspian Sea, Focal Point)