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19 -20 Jan in Vienna a meeting on implementation of the PANEU action plan.

EU supports the assessment of the progress on the implementation of the Pan European Action Plan

A consortium comprising the WSCS, WWF and several research institutions such as the French INRAe, the German IGB and University of Padova (Italy) are joining forces thanks to an EU funded project for the evaluation and promotion of the implementation of the Pan European Action Plan. The project aims at collecting feedback from the core countries involved in sturgeon conservation, on their state of implementation of the AP. In addition, the project is to develop guidelines for monitoring of population status, habitat quality and ex situ measures as well as to facilitate stakeholder meetings with regional ministries and authorities. The project will develop over the next 2 years and the first meeting took place in Vienna on 19 and 20 January 2023. We will keep you informed of significant developments