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10th International Sturgeon Conference – CALL FOR PAPERS

On November 25th the 10th International Sturgeon Conference (ISC) will take place virtually, co-organized by Aller Aqua, IRS and WSCS (

Date:    25th November 2021. Fully online event.
Timing: Please block from 8-16 on 25th – we will confirm the precise timing of the event.

ISC focus: 6 main conference topic headings have been identified:

1) Diseases: prevention & treatment
2) Climate change & sturgeon farming
3) RAS
4) Sturgeon farming methodologies
5) Feed, nutrition & physiology
6) Genetics & reproduction

We are looking for speakers for short presentations on the above-mentioned topics related to sturgeons

Based on the different presentation proposals, we will put together a relevant program.

We will aim at doing pre-recorded presentations to avoid any connectivity issues.

Presentations will be simultaneously translated to Polish, Russian and Chinese.

Interested people are asked to send a short summary to and