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WSCS General Assembly 2020, November 18

WSCS General Assembly (GA), November 18, 2020 (virtual)

The annual General Assembly of WSCS has been held virtually on 2 December 2020. There was a notable participation of members with over 74 presences.

The agenda is shown below. Other presentations, in addition to that of the President,  are visible in the reserved area a of the website by clicking on the respective line in the reserved area.



15:00-15:20   President’s Report: P. Bronzi

15:20-15:30   Treasurer’s Report: T. Friedrich

15:30-15:45   An update on the status of JAI: E. Davies

15:45-16:00   WWF-WSCS collaboration: B. Streibel

16:00-16:15   Europe/GRS Regional Report: J. Gessner, T. Friedrich,

16:15-16:30   Russia Regional Report: M. Chebanov and N. Mugue

16:30-16:45   China Regional Report: Q. Wei

16:45-17:00   North America/NASPS Regional Report: J. Crossman

17:00-17:15   Iran Regional Report: M. Pourkazemi

17:15-17:25   IUCN Red List Reassessment: L. Congiu

17:25-   Closing Remarks: P. Bronzi