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Sixth National Conference & exhibition of Caviar and related industries, Iran (virtual)

A virtual conference titled “Sixth National Conference & exhibition of Caviar and related industries” is organized by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Iranian Fishery organization, Iranian Fishery Science Research Institute, International Sturgeon Research Institute, CITES, Guilan University, Gorgan Agricultural University, National Health Network with the participation of national caviar producers and traders and the  patronage of WSCS on July 18th.

The conference starts at 8:00 am local time (5:30 CET) and the presentations are about the following topics:

Commemoration of Iranian Caviar Day
Official opening of Stamp of Caviar
New advance methods in Production, Processing and distribution
Sturgeon Startup and innovation
CITES, Illegal trade and smuggling
Standardization in Caviar industries
Quality control and monitoring
Caviar Producing Organization

Link to the conference: