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Receptal Ireland MSD (AGRIHEALTH) can be administered to sturgeons

According to the new EU Reg 2019/6 Receptal ® Ireland MSD (Distributor AGRIHEALTH) can be administered with a waiting time of 25-degree days (eg at 160C 36 h). The dosage is 1-5 µg/kg body weight with a priming dosage of 10% and a resolving dosage of 90% after 12 hours according to the prescription by the responsible veterinarian.  1 µg/kg is sufficient if the fish is in its natural seasonal cycle. The management of the temperature regime must be set to fit to the expected waiting time. Important: the fish is injected while swimming at lowered water level in order to avoid handling stress.

EU Regulation 2019/6

Comments to the legal framework