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Election of the BoD 2019

Election of the Board of Directors of WSCS (2019-2022)

The deadline for members to participate in the election of the new Board of Directors of WSCS (2019-2022) was set to the end of February, and the counting of the results was made during the interim Meetings at the beginning of April (7-8) in Oggebbio, Italy. According to the Statutes the newly elected Board will take office around six week thereafter to allow to complete the legal registration procedures and familiarize new Board members and those moving to a new position with the present status of affairs and duties.

The ballots were sent to a total of 248 members in good standing. A total of 74 members participated in the election (~40% of the total membership).

We are now able to communicate the outcome of the election to the membership at large in the table below, indicating the candidate names,position, total votes (and percentages thereof) received. These were confirmed unanimously by members and observers present during the interim meetings in Oggebbio (Italy). Each elected member of the Board of Director has signed the letter of acceptance of their position for this new term.


Votes 72
Percentage 97%

Vice President
Jörn Gessner

Votes 70
Percentage 95%

Thomas Friedrich

Votes 70
Percentage 95%

Secretary General
Molly Webb

Votes 69
Percentage 93%

Member at large
Wei Qiwei

Votes 68
Percentage 92%

Member at large
Mikhail Chebanov

Votes 66
Percentage 89%

Member at large
Leo Congiu

Votes 59
Percentage 80%