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Aller Aqua

Aller Aqua Group: With more than 40 years in the sector, Aller Aqua is one of the most experienced suppliers of fish feed for freshwater and saltwater species.
Aller Aqua has a wide range of fish feed for freshwater and saltwater fish – for example fish feed for carp, catfish, rainbow trout, cod, turbot, rockfish, salmon, seabass, seabream and sturgeon.

All our fish feed products are produced by means of extrusion. The fish feed must cover the basic metabolism of the fish and ensure healthy growth. In order to meet these requirements the fish feed composition must meet all needs for nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Aller Aqua fish feed meet all these requirements and have been adapted to various sizes of fish and feeding strategies. The feed have been developed in cooperation with customers and undergo continuous tests, in selected test stations and fish farms.
Fish feed from Aller Aqua are produced at our factories in Denmark, Poland and Germany.