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• When becoming a member the applicant agrees to accept and comply with the statutes of the Society, working towards its aims and objectives.

• The applicant also agrees with the ballot voting as outlined in the statutes.

• Membership is valid for the fiscal year the membership dues are paid for. If membership fees are paid for the following year, the membership continues.

• For members not paying the open dues after two reminders the membership is canceled by January 31, losing all membership rights. To reinstate membership, an individual must pay the annual registration fee.

• For a variety of countries, the membership fees are collected by the regional representative to minimize costs for bank transfer. For verification, please contact your regional representative.

• Membership dues vary according to country category (Category A: All countries except those listed under Category B: all EU 28 countries plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea) and status of member (see the options in PayPal buttons).

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